Working with Joel Kaplan

“Höski has amazing people at creating and editing the content, coming up with new ideas and new ways of really promoting your brand” - Joel Kaplan

Joel Kaplan is the CEO of Agency Lab, and has been a long term client with us at Hoski. Joel came to us looking to create videos for his various social media accounts with the goal to promote his coaching agency which aims to help entrepreneurs go from zero to $100K a month and to share his personal story of success. 

From day 1, Joel communicated he wants nothing less than outstanding, converting material to be used across his social platforms and that is exactly what we did. Our main focus was repurposing long YouTube videos and Podcasts that Joel had pre-recorded and turning them into highly engaging videos. We analyzed the videos and picked out the most key messages we believed to resonate most with his target market. The editing team then transformed them into quick, minute long videos perfect for Instagram and TikTok. These short videos were interesting on their own but they also built customer’s curiosity and gave them insight into what Joel’s classes would actually entail. 

With this strategy, we have been able to help him build a personal brand image and  increase the views on his social media platforms which in turn generated more engagement and clients. 

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