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Frequently asked

- How is the working process at HOSKI?

The process starts with the clients selection of which package they would like to purchase. At which point they will be sent an onboarding package to join our businesson our organization program. They will then be given a questionnaire so that we can better understand what their personal needs are for the project. Upon completion of this questionnaire our employees will be notified and a custom treatment of your video will be created by us. Keeping both your selected package and your questionnaire answers inmind. Upon completion of the treatment the client will receive it and be given the chanceto review it and make any corrections they may wish to see. Once the treatment has been agreed upon by both parties the pre production will begin. Followed by the production of your video. Then finally post production, at which point you will be given a sample of the edit of the final video and be allowed to make any comments or revisions you would like to see. Again once both parties are satisfied with the final product it will be released to our marketing team who will run it for you generating business

- What will a project cost me?

You can find our pricing information by clicking the Get Started button at the top of the screen and filling out the required information. It should take you no more than a fewseconds.

- How long is delivery time?

The delivery time is dependant on multiple things. The package choice, the speed of you the client in answering our questionnaire and revisions, the necessary preparations on our side depending on the complexity of your video demand and the complexity of the post production stage depending on your video’s needs. Generally we estimate that aproject could be completed anywhere from 3 weeks to a month.

- Do you write all scripts?

Yes, we write all scripts involved with the project. However, you will absolutely be giventhe chance to weigh in on this during our treatment revision step

- Do you hire actors and voice overs?

Yes, we also hire all voice and acting talent required for the project. You will also absolutely be given the chance to weigh in on this during both the questionnaire and treatment stages.

- Is it possible to hire additional actors?

Additional actors can always be hired however this would be at an elevated cost.

- Do you shoot off location?

We can absolutely shoot off location. Our highest package includes this, however we are always willing to negotiate this requirement for every package at an elevated fee

- In what languages do you offer your videos in?

Currently we offer our videos in French and English, however we are always willing to negotiate other languages for an extra fee.

- Do you produce kickstarter videos?

We absolutely will produce kickstarter videos, we will produce any style of video you would like dependant on your needs and our ability to produce them. For kickstarter specifically our marketing team can even run it for you

- May I choose the content of the video?

You absolutely get to choose the content of your video. However, to ensure our services remain expedient we reserve the right to initial creation of the video using information provided by you in our questionnaire. After which you will receive a treatment explaining what we believe will be an excellent final product. At which time you will be more than welcome to negotiate revisions

- Do HOSKI's offer discounts?

Discounts are always a possibility contact our sales department by clicking the “Contact Sales Department.” Button and they will be able to assist you.

- Do you offer extra revision?

Our revision policy is dependant on the package choice. However extra revisions can always be added at an extra fee

- How long can a video be?

Currently the length of our videos are determined by the package choice. Click the “Get Started” Button at the top of our website in order to see these.

- Will I be the owner of the video after purchase?

These videos will be the intellectual property of Hoski. However, you may purchase the rights to it for an extra fee. You will however recieve the right to use the video anywhere online. If you wish to use it for television or film this will have to be negotiated with us

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